Basement Flooring

The purpose of the basement you are remodeling is the most important factor when you are trying to find out which basement flooring material you are going to have to use. Your options are several but the best fits of some show themselves after only a few minutes spent on going through your ideas.

Many flooring materials are non-insulating. For rooms you want to use for extended periods of time a solution that lets heat slip out is not appropriate. Painted concrete is perfect for storing cans of paint and some garden tools, but there is no good reason for skipping more comfortable ways of doing it if you are going to use the room yourself.

Rubber sheets are the best alternative to sheer concrete if you don’t need anything delicate there. This material beats other basement flooring systems in several areas. It is strong and durable, can be laid quickly and easily and there is no need for adhesive. These sheets can be bought in an interlocking fashion or in one big piece made for custom size. It also helps with basement waterproofing. This cheap recycled material should be used as a bare minimum.

Another of the easy to install basement flooring options is a set of interlocking hardwood sheets. You don’t need to be a professional contractor to get this type done as the pieces can be laid without nails or use of adhesives. The sheets interlock with each other using studs or grooves. The comfort level is also one of the best amongst the options you have, thanks to insulating underlayment cushions generally used to even out the foundation concrete.

It absorbs shocks, hides bumps on the concrete and gives a warm feel to the feet. Before spending money on a system like this always make sure you don’t buy material that expands over time, or when in the presence of humidity. Taking this extra safety step can help you prevent tile cracks and bumps.

Given that you lay something for waterproofing, carpet can be the most thankful flooring material you can use. It doesn’t shrink, nor does it feel cold, and is easy to install. It gives the best comfort and chosen well gives the most durable solution. High humidity levels can destroy your work though, always make sure the concrete and walls are as water resistant as they can be. Carpet is also inexpensive compared to other flooring options. That means that you can have many basement remodeling projects in the future by changing the carpet and giving your basement a whole new look relatively cheaply.

You can lay down tiles of any description. From linoleum to wooden tiles, from terracotta to porcelain, your options are endless. They are not as easy to work with as hardwood interlocking pieces and they are definitely on the expensive side of the rainbow. Tiles often fell cold on your feet, but basement floors don’t get better looking and more durable than a well prepared terracotta floor.

Personal gyms will do well with just some rubber flooring, but a basement bar will require some more effort. Hardwood or quality linoleum might do the trick, but if you are serious about giving your basement a complete and unique feel, you may consider hiring a professional to lay a set of tiles so that you can be absolutely positive it’s done as it should be.

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